Zigaexperientia Album Cover

"Zigaexperientia" is an album by Supercell, with Koeda as its guest singer, released November 27, 2013. It contains 15 songs. 7 old songs such as Kokuhaku, Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh !The Bravery, and 8 new songs. It is supercell's third album.

Track ListEdit

  1. Journey's End
  2. No.525300887039
  3. Mr.Downer
  4. My Dearest (Album Mix)
  5. 従属人間
  6. ホワイト製薬
  7. 拍手喝采歌合
  8. Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh !
  9. 百回目のキス
  10. 銀色飛行船
  11. The Bravery (Album Mix)
  12. 僕らのあしあと (Album Mix)
  13. 告白 (Album Mix)
  14. 時間列車
  15. We're Still Here

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