Kagamine Rin, Len ,Megurine Luka, MEIKO, KEIKO, are all Hatsune Miku's fellow Vocaloids. For sure, they are all computer generated pop Japanese singers. They are also created by Cryton, and all are super popular. They, together, with Hatsune Miku performed in many concerts. Some are at a younger age, and some are at a older age. But they all have one purpose: singing! They can all be seen in the game series, Project Diva.

Kagamine Rin/LenEdit

Kagamine Rin and Len are twins, (one being male and the other being female,) not meaning as brother and sister. They're both 12 years old. This is also the meaning of their name. Kagami,Mirror. Ne,sound. Rin, right. Len, left. Their theme colors are mostly yellow, as their own hair is a shade of yellow. They are both codenamed CV02, standing for Character Voice 02.



Rin's apperance includes yellow hair, a gigantic bow tie on top off her head, a mostly white colored short, sleeve, black shoes with the soles outlined yellow,blue eyes, her 02 tatoo on the part below her right shoulder,short black pants, a short yellow tie attached to her white shirt, earphones, large sleeves with electric in it, depicting her as a computer-generated figure, plus two more on her legs. Her icon seems to be a treble clef, in music terms, right hand.


Len's appearance is similar to Rin's because their are twins. Same blue eyes, yellow hair( without a oversized bow on top), a white short sleeve shirt, black shorts longer than Rin's, earphones with a microphone attached, same large sleeves on his arms and legs,his 02 tatoo, black shoes with yellow outline on the soles, a yellow tie attached to his shirt. His icon is a bass clef, which in music terms, left hand.


They look happy most of the time, and sometimes have their face expressions changed because of the songs. In the game Project Diva F, there's the Project Diva room, which you could pet, touch, and meet the Vocaloids. When Rin or Len doesn't like something, they show a unhappy expression. Look for more details for Project Diva room below.

Song ListEdit

  • Butterfly On My/Your Right Shoulder
  • Meltdown
  • Rin-chan nau!(only Rin)

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Megurine LukaEdit

Megurine Luka is one of the older Vocaloids, being about 20 years old. She mostly sings with Hatsune Miku in duet songs, such as Magnet, World's End Dancehall, etc. Since Luka is older, she has a deeper voice than Hatsune Miku. Like Kagamine Rin and Len, she could be seen in Project Diva Room. Her theme color is mostly pink, but having blue eyes.


Megurine Luka has long, flowing,pink hair with a hairband on top. She wears a long black dress, (dropping down until her ankles),with the edges outlined yellow, and black boots with the soles outlined yellow. Luka wears two bracelets on one arm, and a large sleeve on the other arm. She has modules for differnent songs, like the one she wore in World's End Dancehall. Unlike Kagamine Rin and Len, she doesn't have a icon.


Luka has a calm face most of the time,as she is being very mature. She can make a sudden face expression, like in the song  Rin-chan now!  Sometimes, she has poker face for some reason.

Song ListEdit

  • Luka Luka Night Fever
  • World's End Dance hall(duet with Miku)
  • Magnet
  • Rin-Chan nau!
  • Black Gold
  • No Logic
  • A Thousand Year Solo


MEIKO is one of the not-too popular Vocaloids. She has a deep voice, somehow deeper than Luka's, and appears in lesser concerts Of course, she still appears in the Project Diva game series, but sings less songs. Her theme color is red. MEIKO has no given age, so we don't know how old is she. My guess could be around 30.


MEIKO's official clothes are a red top,sleeveless vest with a capitol M on the left, and a red skirt unattached to the top vest. She has brown, short hair, and wears small red boots with a stubby heel.


She is very mature, just like Megurine Luka. She is mostly in a happy mood, except when she is in a song or when she doesn't like something, she shows different face expressions.